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Aromatherapy Massage

The aromatherapy massage utilizes Essential oils, the most therapeutic part of many plants and flowers. The very small molecules of the Essential oils readily penetrate the skin and bloodstream though the capillary system to bring its unique therapeutic effect directly to the area that needs it. This allows the healing power of the Essential oils to work on an internal level and effect overall health.

Smell is the only sense that travels directly to a part of the brain known as the Limbic System, which is the center of memory and emotion. As the Essential oils are used, the brain releases certain neurotransmitters as it receives these scent stimulations. These neurotransmitters have the power to eliminate pain, promote relaxation, induce sleep or stimulate you to keep you alert and awake. The aromas also act on the nervous system during a massage session that is at the root of many physical conditions. Most Essential oils have antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-septic properties and are extremely beneficial to guard against many different types of infection including sinus infection, and protecting and healing wounds. Although not complete, here is a list of other conditions that can benefit from the use of Aromatherapy.

  • Digestive disorders
  • Skin disorders
  • Toxin elimination from the body
  • Women's disorders (PMS, cramps and menopause)
  • Emotional Health (Depression, Anxiety, Mental Fatigue, Stress and Insomnia)

So you can see how helpful Aromatherapy can be; no more caffeine or other chemical drugs to stimulate or sedate you!!

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