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Winter 2016 Newsletter
Happy almost end of January!! It's been awhile since I've sent out any newsletters or specials; way overdue!

Fall 2005 Newsletter
Tight muscles and emotions, Tips for insomnia, Meditate to reduce tension
Spring 2006 Newsletter
Stretching for the desk bound, Tips to combat work stress, How massage erases pain
Summer 2006 Newsletter
The benefits of good circulation, Ease your headache, Massage nurtures during weight loss
Fall 2006 Newsletter
The power of breath, Quick tips for self-care, Fall and winter outdoors
Winter 2006 Newsletter
Massage for men, Recovering from illness or injury, Massage and menopause
Spring 2007 Newsletter
Let's Talk- Communicating with your massage therapist,On the Rocks-Hot Stone massage, The Art of Aromatherapy
Summer 2007 Newsletter
Safe Fun in the Sun, Cultivating a Gardening Habit, The Appropriate Portion
Fall 2007 Newsletter
The Benefits of Massage, Nuking Food Safely, The Scoop on Meditation
Winter 2007 Newsletter
Breathing for relaxation, Strategies for burnout, Stretching for relaxation
Spring 2008 Newsletter
Making the Most of Your Massage, The Wonders of Water, Flax Facts
Summer 2008 Newsletter
Studies prove power of touch, Feel your own healing energy, Massage your feet
Fall 2008 Newsletter
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, The Health Benefits of Ginger, Tips for an Even Complexion
Winter 2008 Newsletter
The Face of Winter, The Art of Bathing, Hibernating is for the Bears
Spring 2009 Newsletter
Clearing the Clutter, Prevent the Afternoon Slump, Yogurt, the Super Food
Summer 2009 Newsletter
Holding Headaches at Bay, De-stressing the Commute, Long Live Cells with Vitamin E
Fall 2009 Newsletter
The Implications of Bodywork, Massage Ambiance is Key, Hot or Cold for Injuries?
Winter 2009 Newsletter
Self-care for TMJD, Laughter reduces stress, Keeping a pain log
Spring 2010 Newsletter
Breathe Into Your Massage, The Art of Bathing, High Time for Tea

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