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Chakra Balancing Massage

This innovative treatment focuses on centering the 7 major chakras, or energy centers, using a variety of techniques.

There are seven major chakras, which are located from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Each chakra is a primary energy center, linking physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing. For maximum vitality, balance must be maintained between the chakras.

Essential oils, gemstones, massage and Reiki are used in this relaxing and healing treatment. Specially blended essential oils are massaged on your back, neck and head to balance each chakra. Gemstones that coincide with each chakra will be placed on or around the body at each energy center and a gentle Reiki energy work will be used to seek balance and grounding with each chakra.

The combination of these techniques restores balance to the whole body and mind, increases your energy and your ability to be present within your body. The Chakra Balancing Massage can create clarity, trust and promotes emotional, mental and spiritual wellness.

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This would be a great complementary treatment to your yoga or mediation practice!

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