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What To Expect From A Massage

  • Remove as little or as much clothing as you feel comfortable with. Remove any accessories such as watches, rings and necklaces.
  • Talk, for the most part, is distracting and unnecessary. However, feel free to give feedback if anything is uncomfortable or if you would like something done differently.
  • Close your eyes and feel what is going on both inside and outside your body. Closing your eyes can help bring one's center of energy out of the head and into the body.
  • Turn off the inner dialog within your mind. Allow the tensions and thoughts of the day to just drift away.
  • Just lie there. This is your time to receive and be taken care of. Allow us to move your limbs into whatever position is required. Don't try to be helpful. Simply receive.
  • If emotions surface, do not be afraid to give them expression. Since the body can store emotions in the musculature, massage can sometimes elicit these thoughts or emotions.
  • The client only needs to relax during their time with us. Here are some ideas that may help:
    • take slow deep breaths
    • allow the body to sink into the table
    • as we find areas of tension try to relax
  • Enjoy!

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